Ascension International Aerospace

Ascension International Aerospace is an independent organization established to explore near space and beyond, separate from any Government’s commitment to ESA, NASA or RKA. It is a privately funded organization and commercial venture, founded by eccentric British inventors who wanted to research and run space programs independent of political motives.

The Aim

AIA intends to research and launch a number of its own missions through private funding from Ascension Island Wideawake International (Ascension Project) and other independent investors. Although AIA’s ultimate goal is lunar exploration and habitation, it will start with Earth orbital systems to per-emtively support this intention (Toehold Project).


Orbiter 2010 allows users to explore the solar system on a number of spacecraft, both realistic, such as the Space Shuttle Atlantis; and fictional, such as the "Delta-Glider." The developer Martin Schweiger has included fictional spacecraft to allow for easier flights for less experienced users. The simulator is realistic enough to re-enact historical space flights, however the ability to fly fictional ships also allows the user to reach areas of the solar system that cannot be reached by manned spaceflight at the present time.


WideAwake International is a virtual space agency, it's location inside Orbiter 2010 which can also be found on Google Earth Map "Ascension Island" will lay the developing foundation in Research & Development inside Orbiter 2010 to Planetary Defense Foundation goal's on profiling future options current real life space program agency's will have in understanding how to Nudge, Move or Deflect an Asteroid or Comet which may have a potential threat to our home planet. Orbiter 2010 uses real simulated physics & have proven effective towards ESA's Mars 500 crew members inside a simulated mission to Mars.

For all simulation purposes WideAwake International Aerospace will use the Orion Space Craft Addon which can be found inside Orbiter 2010 Hanger Mods

To Understand & Protect Our Home Planet