Planetary Defense Foundation - Films

 Planetary Defense Foundation Films are visual computer generated arts & scenario series created to give a visual & comprehensive understanding of the options Earth planetary space programs & it's international scientific community of astronomers & scientific advisers will have to confront a possible future threat of an asteroid or comet impact which could ultimately effect life on Earth. Based on scientific knowledge & research Planetary Defense Foundation Films will provide 7 likely scenario's which may prove effective as a goal in preventing these possible future Near Earth Objects impact

Soon to release Video's - Planetary Defense Foundation - Films Concept Arts & Mission Scenarios.  I will demonstrate how a spacecraft own gravitational mass can effect an object 500ft or smaller & can be moved into a different orbital course using the force of the spacecraft gravitational pull without landing or using tethers. 

- Chemical Rocket Propulsion: A chemical rocket is attached to the asteroid and ignited. 

- Solar Sail: A solarsail is attached to the NEO and effectively increases its cross-sectional area. This, in turn, increases the effect of solar pressure on the NEO. 

- Solar Ablation: A series of mirrors and lenses focus sunlight onto the NEO, causing material on the NEO’s surface to be expelled. 

- Laser Ablation: A spacecraft focuses a high-energy laser on the NEO, causing the material on the surface of the NEO to heat up and be expelled from the surface. 

- Standoff Nuclear Detonation: A nuclear explosive device is detonated near the asteroid, causing the asteroid's outermost layers to vaporize. 

- High Isp Rocket Propulsion: A high specific impulse (Isp) rocket is attached to the asteroid and fires its engines over an extended period of time (i.e. VASIMR)

Pending Update


- Mass Driver: A lander with drilling equipment attaches to the asteroid, drills material out, and ejects it at high velocity. 

- Kinetic Impactor: A spacecraft traveling at high relative velocity is impacted into the asteroid. 

- Gravitational Tractor: A spacecraft is stationed very near to the asteroid such that their mutual gravitational attraction pulls the asteroid off course. 

- NEO net 

- Magnetic Flux Compression

To Understand & Protect Our Home Planet